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Navigating Minimal Processing & Public Services

A Resource for Archives Professionals 


About this wiki


This wiki was established in the Fall of 2010, and is currently managed by the Working Group for Navigating Minimal Processing and Public Services.  This working group was established by SAA's Reference, Access & Outreach Section in February of 2010 with goal of gathering and sharing information on customized levels of processing with a particular emphasis on public services.  This wiki provides archives professionals with a portal to learn more about processing techniques and to streamline communication and cooperation between processing activities and public services.


Using this wiki


The links below will take you to the various sections of the wiki.  These links will provide you with more information about the working group, relevant articles, presentations, processing manuals, web resources, and much more!


     i.      Articles

     ii.     Processing Manuals

     iii.    Presentations

     iv.    Web Resources


  • Helpful Hint: If you get lost you can also use the navigation menu, available on the right side of this page, to explore different sections of this wiki.


Want to Help?


Your feedback is appreciated and needed!  Our goal is to create a resource which can be trusted and widely used by archives professionals.  We encourage you to contact the working group's co-chair with your comments, questions and ideas:    Greg Kocken  |  kockeng@uwec.edu



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